Happy New Year Castro Valley!

Happy New Year 2012

May the 2012 year be a great one for you! This will be our second annual Happy New year letter, so with Christmas over, how did you do? Were the family get-togethers successful? Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? What transpired over your holiday? Let us know. We would love to hear from you at cvdental@aol.com.

We again packed and traveled this year. A long awaited trip took us to Moscow in April to see a city ablaze in tulips. It was magnificent. We got around well there and even rented a car to drive 3 days north to the Golden Ring of towns with fabulous churches. Never got lost. Moscow freeways make our worst traffic look tame, however. We really enjoyed seeing those outlying towns.

After 4 days in Moscow we boarded the Trans-Siberian Express for two weeks of on-and-off in cities along the route to Beijing. It worked so well with someone to meet us at each city to escort us around. All young people. The Siberian cities are really just like ours-you’d have a hard time not believing you were in Europe. Each city presented its own uniqueness. We spent one week in Mongolia-what a booming capital city. We went out about the country side to see how herders still live, but change is coming fast. The Gobi Desert was interesting staying in Yurts or Girs, the round felt “tents.” On to Beijing for one night and seeing the famed Ming Tombs.

This fall we two did our 4th canal trip in France for a week. On our way to get the boat we got a train in Frankfort to Strasbourg, Fr. and rented a car to drive the beautiful wine area to the south for 2 days and over to get our boat. The canal connected into pretty, small river. At the end we drove up to Dijon seeing the country side around there and down to Lyon through another amazing wine area. After 3 days there we flew to Corsica-fabulous driving (Big Sur day after day) and then took a ferry to Sardinia, again driving for 3 days. We flew to Sicily to drive for 4 days, ferry to Italy and drove the fabulous Amalfi Coast, then up to Rome for 3 days. Great trip.

We leave 1/9 for India to ride the “Palace on Wheels” for 7 nights in Rajasthan, 3 nights in Delhi, and then on to Sri Lanka where we will be escorted around the island for 10 days. In March we embark on a 37 day cruise with National Geographic along the West Coast of Africa from Cape Town to Morocco seeing 15 countries. In the fall we will be in Eastern Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Arnette has cooked for so many events this year-last night for 67 at a Xmas party. She will cook Xmas dinner for 22 here.  She ran the “spice market” for the church kids at their Night in Bethlehem. We continue to work out regularly to keep our “youth.” Joe now has his best dental team ever, with his working 3 days a week, indefinitely.

Please make 2012 a great year for you and come see us, or at least email any particulars we could learn from you.

Arnette and Joe                                                                                                                                               

Photos are of Russia, Mongolia, France, Corsica, Sicily, and Italy

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