Tired of Being Tired?

Breathe easy knowing you don’t have to suffer

A serious disorder that affects one in every four individuals, sleep apnea can cause a host of side effects that can wreak havoc on one’s day-to-day life. Sleep apnea is when breath while sleeping is abnormally low, or even stops for a few seconds to a few minutes. There are three different forms based on the reason for its occurrence:

  • Central – The brain doesn’t tell the body to breathe.
  • Obstructive – The most common form of sleep apnea where soft tissues in the mouth and throat relax into the airway and restrict airflow.
  • Mixed – A combination of central and obstructive.

Although each type of sleep apnea happens for different reasons, all three limit oxygen intake which lowers the blood-oxygen levels and causes the brain to wake you up to breathe. These frequent interruptions in sleep may cause fatigue, inability to focus, memory loss, irritability, acid reflux, high blood pressure, stroke, headaches, weight gain, and impotency.

Many sufferers find help with a custom-manufactured oral appliance. Worn when sleeping, it fits snugly on the teeth so there is no risk of displacing the device. It works by holding the tongue and jaws in their optimum position, preventing the collapsing of the airway, keeping breathing relaxed and normal.

If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea, please call us right away to request a diagnosis.

Address: 3603 Jamison Way
Castro Valley, CA 94546
Phone: (510) 881-1924
E-mail: cvdental@aol.com

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