TMJ and its Hormonal Link to Women

shutterstock_51563089Millions of People Suffer from Temporary Joint Disorder

If you are one of the millions of North Americans who suffers from tenderness in the jaw muscles, limited jaw opening, jaws that get stuck, unexplained facial or head pain, jaw joint grating or clicking, you may have a condition called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD.

Female Hormonal Link to Temporary Joint Disorder

Research seems to confirm that women are particularly susceptible and that there is a hormonal link. According to some studies, 90% of patients seeking TMD relief are women of childbearing age. Some speculate that women’s smaller jaws may contribute to headaches and jaw pain.

TMD Jaw Pain

Tips for Coping with Temporary Joint Disorder

Here are some tips for women and men who experience a sore jaw joint:


  • Chew gum for a while;
  • Open your mouth any wider than an inch or so. Eat smaller-sized pieces of food;
  • Chew caramels, firm bread crusts, nuts, raw vegetables, or leathery meats;
  • Chew ice cubes;
  • Jut out your lower jaw to apply lipstick or lip balm.


  • Yawn carefully as flaring your nostrils is better for your jaw than opening your mouth;
  • Sleep on your back, rather than your side, and don’t support your face on your arms or fists;
  • Avoid stress, but when you can’t, avoid jaw clenching by holding your teeth apart while your lips are together.

If soreness continues, or if you have any of the symptoms we have outlined, please call us for a consultation.

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