Gum Disease is Preventable with Early Detection

Not only is gum disease treatable with early detection, it is preventable … but the choice is yours! A first step in prevention is to understand the anatomy of a healthy mouth.

Each tooth has roots and a crown shielded by protective enamel. Blood vessels and nerves called pulp distribute nutrients to the tooth through a root canal. The tooth is held snugly in its socket by roots anchored in gums and surrounded by periodontal ligament which secures the root to the bone. This ligament also helps to protect the jawbone from the forces of biting and chewing. Without it your teeth would fall out!

The gums wrap around and protect the bone that surrounds the tooth preventing food and germs from reaching the ligament, roots and the especially vulnerable underlying bone.

A small drop of saliva can be home to 100 million germs. In a diseased mouth, that number would be closer to billions! These germs, combined with saliva and debris, form a sticky, nearly invisible layer called plaque. Without proper care, the bacteria will go below the edge of the gums and invade the deeper supporting tissues. If left untreated, this gum disease can result in tooth loss.

Don’t Risk the Effects of Gum Disease

With early detection in the dental office, professional care and treatment, and proper home care, you can save thousands of dollars in costly repairs and avoid losing your teeth!

Learn more about gum disease and the oral exam:

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