The Effect of a Smile is Crucial

A simple fact: the effect of a sparkling, confident smile on personal, social, and business relationships has been proven to be crucial.

As one New York psychologist puts it, “A warm, open, attractive smile … translates into a potent punch of personal power.”

But many of us worry that our teeth are discolored. We are self-conscious about a small chip in a front tooth. We are concerned about old, unsightly fillings. Age will produce darker teeth or receding gums. And … most of us are not born with perfect movie-star teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry has Made Huge Strides

Cosmetic dentistry has made huge strides in the last twenty years, and we now have many different procedures to help your smile become a confident, dazzling part of your personality.

Supervised tooth whitening is an easy and affordable way to brighten teeth discolored from food, nicotine stains, root canal treatments, or aging.

Severely stained or chipped teeth may require veneers, ultra-thin custom-sculpted pieces of tooth-colored porcelain that cover the front of your teeth.

For teeth that have undergone root canal treatments, or that are misaligned or weak, crowns combine good looks and great strength. They entirely cover the tooth and provide structural support.

The Results Can Look and Feel Natural

Worn down, chipped, cracked, or widely spaced teeth can be repaired through bonding where a tooth-colored plastic is applied to your teeth, then cured with a light. The result looks and feels totally natural.

Watch video to learn more about bonding:

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