Invisalign Braces

specials31_flipJust hearing the word braces can make us cringe, think of high cost, or take many of us back to junior high or high school that painful era when we wore unattractive glasses, endured unflattering haircuts, and carried a mouthful of metal braces to complete the seemingly awkward adolescent look.

There are several factors that can contribute to not having braces as a kid. Perhaps, you never had braces as a kid because you were embarrassed by your crooked teeth. Or economic conditions didn’t allow you to obtain braces. Or you went through a round of braces a decade ago and stopped wearing your retainer, which allowed your teeth to shift.

Braces in Adulthood

Whatever your personal history, wearing braces in adulthood is an excellent way to create the straight, beautiful smile you deserve. The images and thoughts that come to mind when we think of braces are not an accurate depiction of braces.  Many adults fear that traditional metal braces contributes to an immature appearance and could negatively impact their professional and social lives. However, when you consider that the perception of people with crooked teeth is also often negative, short term braces are clearly the best option.

Despite all those common assumption that braces are for kids or make you look awkward, or negatively impact your professional and social life, more and more adults are choosing to pursue orthodontics to correct their smiles. We have a choice, to either let time pass and continue thinking about having the smile we always wanted, or to let time pass and have the smile we always wanted after wearing braces for a short amount of time.

Technology as made great advancements, and traditional metal braces are not the only option. Contact our Tacoma office today to find out your options!

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