Simply Smile and Hold Off on the Anti-Aging Creams

PhotoSpin Women Portraits © 2001 PhotoSpin www.photospin.comWilliam Hazlitt stated, “A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.” You don’t have to spend hours shopping for the “right” cosmetic cream for a more youthful you. It doesn’t require a miracle either. It only requires a smile.  Simply smile and hold off on the pricey anti-ageing creams, a simple smile could have you looking several years younger in an instant.

German researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, found that smiley, happy people were more attractive and presented a more youthful appearance than their solemn counterparts. The study they conducted asked 150 men and women to guess the ages of the faces from over 1,000 photographs and found that neutral facial expressions generated the most accurate age guesses and happy faces were voted as the youngest looking.

Simply Smile

One of the surest ways to a more youthful you is to SIMPLY SMILE. There are many reasons people chose not to smile, and a primary reason people chose not to smile is because they are unhappy with their smile. Our office has many options in helping you have the smile you desire. One visit can change your life, and enhance your smile. Treat yourself to a lasting youthful you-make an appointment today!

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