Children & Apnea

0860031_HIGHSleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops repeatedly for several seconds during sleep. It’s more common among children and youth than you might think, affecting up to 3% of children who snore loudly and regularly, plus others who don’t snore at all, but are noisy breathers.

During the day, children and teenagers with sleep apnea may:

  • have difficulty waking up;
  • experience headaches;
  • feel cranky and quarrelsome;
  • daydream or fall asleep;
  • breathe through the mouth;
  • have difficulty with schooling or socializing.

Once tonsils, allergies, or other medical problems have been ruled out by your physician as the cause of snoring or noisy breathing, please call us for a consultation. A simple dental appliance could be the ideal therapy.

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