Myths & Your Mouth

PhotoSpinEmotions© 2002 PhotoSpin. All rights reserved.www.photospin.comMost adults have plenty of opinions about oral health care. A surprising number of them are based on myths and outdated facts that have been disproved!

Myth: It doesn’t matter what type of brush you use.

Soft brushes are better. Hard bristles can damage both teeth and gums. Always use a light touch with a rolling or circular motion so that you won’t hurt the gum tissue and damage the tooth structure.

Myth: If you brush, you don’t need to floss.

Brushing only removes plaque from the surface of the tooth. To prevent decay and gum disease, bacteria must be removed from between the teeth and below the gumline, something only floss can do.

Myth: If you bleed when you floss, you have gum disease.

If you floss regularly, bleeding may mean you’re being too aggressive, or have skipped a few days. Bleeding that continues despite regular flossing may indicate gum disease, and should be checked.

Myth: Cosmetic dentistry is only for the rich and famous.

Modern cosmetic dentistry is more accessible and more effective than ever before. Teeth whitening is the most popular procedure across the generations. The results can bring amazing transformations!

Myth: Only go to the dentist if you have a problem.

Damage to your oral and overall health can escalate as simple problems become more complex. Regular checkups and preventive dentistry are the best strategy.

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