Could You lose Teeth To Gum Disease?


Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and it has been linked to systemic diseases as well as toxemia and premature births. Gum disease develops gradually over time if the natural film on your teeth is allowed to accumulate, damage your gums, and interfere with the balance of oral bacteria. If you fit any of these nine risk indicators identified by dental experts, you could be susceptible to gum disease and the tooth loss associated with it.

• Are you older than 35?

• Are you male?

• Have you never received – or avoided – dental care?

• Have you never – or only irregularly – used dental floss?

• Do you smoke? Have you ever?

• Do you have diabetes?

• Do you have high blood pressure?

• Do you have rheumatoid arthritis?

• Do you have gum disease around your front teeth?

These findings make perfect sense. We know that gum disease occurs when oral hygiene is neglected. We also know that men tend to be less conscientious about oral health care. Gum disease has been linked in studies with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and arthritis. But if you don’t fit these categories, don’t be smug. No one is immune! Teenagers can get periodontal disease and virtually all adults will experience it at some point. What can you do? A lot! Brush, floss, and rinse, and maintain your regular dental visits!

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