What Your Teeth May Be Trying To Tell You


A guide to common dental symptoms and what they could mean.

Sore Mouth

  • Dentures or appliances that don’t fit properly.
  • Leaving dentures in overnight.
  • Unhealthy eating or vitamin deficiencies.
  • A syndrome called burning mouth (more common in older women).
  • Cold or canker sores.

Dry Mouth

  • A side effect of many common medications that can be painful and lead to dental problems. Ask us about it.

Wobbly Tooth

  • A loose tooth could be the result of a blow to the mouth or it could mean gum disease. Either way, see us immediately – it could be serious.

Bleeding Gums

  • If your gums regularly bleed during brushing or flossing, give us a call. A little bleeding is normal, especially if you’ve just started brushing or flossing. But persistent bleeding during routine oral care could mean there is an underlying dental problem that needs to be checked out.

Sensitive Teeth

  • Teeth can become sensitive to sweetness, hot, cold, even pressure. The sensitivity can appear suddenly or gradually. If your teeth are sensitive give us a call. It can be a signal that your teeth may need some help.

Sore Tongue

  • It is a yeast infection of the tongue. It can often be prevented by brushing your tongue to remove bacteria.

Remember: If you notice any unusual changes in the condition of your teeth or mouth, see us right away. Your teeth may be telling you something’s wrong.

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