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Just a few years ago, home dental care equipment was pretty simple: toothbrush, toothpaste, and some floss. As our awareness of the critical importance of home dental care as an essential part of our overall health increases, so too does the demand for high-tech gadgets that can ease our daily routine. This holiday season, consider one of the following for the person who has everything … including a great smile!

Electric toothbrushes have been around for years, but the new models are much more effective in preventing and even reversing gum disease. Many dentists recommend the Rota-dent® or the Braun Oral-B 3D Plaque Remover™. The Sonicare™ toothbrush is also on the market. It cleans with a combination of high-speed brushing and a sonic wave action that removes plaque bacteria without the bristles actually touching the plaque itself. Some of these models also have interval timers and automatic shut-off to encourage you to brush for the recommended length of time.

Water Pik™ has produced mouth-cleansing products for years, and is still a fixture in many bathrooms. But now the company has produced an automatic flosser that claims to offer a quick, easy, and gentle alternative to manual flossing. The product generates ten thousand strokes per minute which allows the single, replaceable, nylon filament tip to clean and strengthen gums. It’s also highly portable, fitting easily into your purse or briefcase.

Wild Flossers Dental Floss, from Johnson & Johnson, is a fun and easy way to introduce children to good oral hygiene. The dinosaur shapes are kid-friendly, and easy to use, encouraging kids to develop early flossing habits.

And of course, for stocking stuffers there are all kinds of wild and crazy toothbrushes available for young and old alike that not only look fun, but also do the job.

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