Each season has many faces, but no season is more richly blessed with faces of joy and hope than the festive season before us. It is a time when many cultural textures become woven together in the universal language of smiles.

Smiles beget smiles, and science is collecting strong evidence that the simple act of a smile is a benefit to your health – physically and psychologically. We instinctively respond by smiling back, so our efforts are always rewarded. Know that when we all “speak up” with a smile this season, we are spreading much more than good will.

This season is also a reminder to take account, and for all of us here, it is a humbling experience to consider the loyalty of you, our patients, and the depth of trust you have placed in us. It is no small thing to place your good health in our hands, so with the season’s long tradition of gift-giving, it is always our delight to accept your gift of trust. We thank you and look forward to returning your faith and loyalty with the best in dental care.

Have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to give us a call. Your smile is always important to us. And remember, when it comes to the language of smiles, it is always polite to shout!

Dr. Joseph A. Whitehouse
Create A Smile
3603 Jamison Way
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Phone: 510-881-1924


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