Water and Your Teeth

Drinking water has become very trendy. In some shops, entire aisles are dedicated to bottled water. But tap or well water from a good source is just as good for you … and for your mouth.file0001514133328


• is essential to maintain your oral and overall health. On average, human body weight is 50-75% water – or about 10-12 gallons. The specific percentage varies for each individual.

• won’t stain your teeth;

• is an effective rinse when there’s no time to brush or floss;

• is essential in saliva production, neutralizing tooth-attacking acids and protecting teeth and gums from cavity-causing bacteria;

• prevents xerostomia (dry mouth) which can interfere with speaking, eating, chewing, and swallowing;

• maintains your mouth’s pH balance to fight enamel erosion.

Dr. Jennifer Young
Create A Smile
3603 Jamison Way
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Phone: 510-881-1924


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