Work Out with Your Brush


Things to do while brushing

By now you’ve probably mastered the basic techniques of brushing and oral hygiene. You’re ready to move on to some more advanced techniques that will help you work out your brush and add a few extra minutes to your routine. Next time you pick up your brush for a pamper session with those pearly whites, try your hand at a few of these exercises. You’ll have more fun and your teeth will reward you with a brighter, whiter smile.

Get rid of calories and tooth decay at the same time. Why just work out your hand when scrubbing those teeth and gums? Try some stretching and toning exercises. Do some light side bends, leg raises, toe lifts, twists, squats and anything else that limbers you up.

You’ve heard of singing in the shower. Why not brush and floss in the shower? Rinsing is a breeze. Use the shower as an oral irrigator.

Why not curl up with your brush and a nice book? Spending a few minutes reading while you brush can really add up. Take up French or check out some new recipes. Just one warning – you may want to invest in a bookstand for flossing.

As long as you brush properly there’s no chance you can brush or floss too much. Instead of thinking of dental hygiene as a chore, dream up your own ways of making it an opportunity to do those things in which you never have time to indulge.

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